why four point design?

Four Point Design has big firm experience with small firm personal attention. Four Point Design provides each client a principal as their project lead and multiple interior designers to create your ideal interior design team.

we stay on point for our clients

Four Point Design is rooted in integrity, responsiveness, expertise and care. While these characteristics are often missing from many large design firms today, they are critical to us, our clients, and our partners. It’s what we mean when we say, “On point, every time.”



How do we describe ourselves? We are smart thinkers and doers. We are purpose driven, creative, responsive, business minded, and results oriented. We are collaborative professionals dedicated to developing a design solution that works.

We work as a team. We challenge each other andchallenge you. Successful projects are a result of good teamwork, communication, and compromise.


Diana Ricks RID, LEED AP ID+C

As a child, I created ‘designer’ apparel for my Barbie dolls.  My mother was a skilled seamstress who passed along her skills, love of color, fabric and design onto me. Together with my mother, I  designed and created my own wedding dress along with a few others for friends.   

I realized early on that my first degree in education would not be a path that I’d follow, and after working in the insurance industry for a short while, I knew I needed to follow a more creative path, which led me to interior design.

I enjoy all aspects of design; however, I’ve come to realize the best part of my job is the people with whom I work with every day.  Colleagues, clients, industry partners, and the design community make this profession interesting, challenging, and always rewarding.

Jamie Raymond RID, EDAC, LEED AP

I am thankful every day for the good fortune I have in my professional career. I have held positions in firms, both very large and very small while learning from the best, finding mentors, and becoming a mentor to amazing young professionals.

Interior design is a passion that started early, really long before I ever realized it. I used to tape out entire floor plans on my bedroom floor as a part of my "Barbie dream house expansion". My adult interior design professional career has taken me down a different path than dream house expansions, but it speaks to my inherent desire to design better spaces for people. I believe in the importance of great design. It has the power to inspire people, make us happier, more efficient, help us heal, help us learn, and improve our lives. 


Jason Holt

People often ask me why I was drawn to becoming an interior designer. I have always enjoyed architecture, but I was almost always drawn to the interiors, specifically kitchens and closets. I realize now that I was drawn to the organizational aspects of those spaces and creating a kit of parts to make everything work together seamlessly.

I credit my skill for detailing and problem solving to my dad. He was a mechanic and very handy around the house so I paid attention. Today my favorite part of the design process is the construction documentation. Once the dust settles in design development, I really enjoy spending time on the details of a construction set. I am fortunate to be a part of a great team where our skill sets are well balanced and  people are encouraged to focus on their strengths. This is Four Point Design Partners.


Karisa Laughlin RID, LEED  Assoc.

As a young child, I sketched interior and exterior cross sections of houses layering in furniture, patterns, landscaping, and color until not a single space of the paper was blank.  No detail went unnoticed in these elaborate sketches and cutouts. 

As I grew older, I realized built environments can influence healing. Visiting my two grandmas in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes sparked my interest in healthcare design. I realized that better solutions would allow these spaces to function better for the staff and the patients.  Interior spaces impact how we live, work, and socialize, and I enjoy designing spaces that impact people in a progressive and positive way.




Here's a little bit of feedback from a few of our clients and colleagues. We are honored to have worked with each of them.